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36inx50ft Hardware Cloth 1/2 Welded Wire Galvanized Mesh Fence Roll

36inx50ft Hardware Cloth 1/2 Welded Wire Galvanized Mesh Fence Roll

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In farm life, we often come across cases that plant roots or farmed chickens/rabbits being injured by other animals. Our product can help you to solve this problem. It is made of high-quality hardware and has a hard and even grid, providing you with a higher level of security. Its large size gives you a wider area of protection. It will be a powerful guard for your farm!

Key Features

Highly Protective: The 1/2 hole is effective in keeping out other exotic animals, thus keeping chickens/rabbits safe and protecting your garden fruits and vegetables from rodents. You can use it to protect the roots, bulbs, rhizomes, etc. of vegetables and flowers.

High-quality Material: This product is made of high-quality hardware and has been galvanized and welded for high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion and rust resistance.

Aesthetically and Practically: The classic solid black look will fit in with any kind of fence and garden. It will protect your garden grass or chickens/rabbits while adding a touch of minimalist chic to your garden.

Large Size: The large size (36in*50ft/100ft) gives you a large area of protection for your plants, chickens, rabbits, etc.

Freely Customisable: You can freely customize its size by cutting it with pliers(not included) so that it can fit your flower beds or chicken/rabbit barn better.

Easy to Transport: Its lightweight (7.72 /15.43lbs) and bendable material allow you to roll it up for easy carrying with less effort and convenient storage without taking up much space.

Easy to Clean: The smooth surface and mesh structure make the product easy to clean and air dry. All you need to do is rinse it with water and it will look like new.

Good Customer Service: Communication is the best way to solve problems. If you encounter any problem after purchase, please contact us in time before opening or unpacking the box. We will do our best to solve the problem for you.

Two Lengths to Choose From: There are two lengths for you to choose from: 50ft and 100ft. You can choose freely according to your needs.


Gloves: The equipped gloves help to protect you from abrasions when handling or installing the product, thus providing you with a higher level of safety in use.

Uniform Mesh: The mesh is uniform in size and tightly welded for better protection.


It is ideal for snake fences, opossum rehab cages, chicken coops run, rabbit fencing, flower beds, wide gutters guard, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens to keep out small critters such as voles, gophers, and raccoons. It can also be used to make individual baskets/compost bins and to dry food, goods, medicinal materials, etc.


Please note whether its size and mesh size are what you need.

Please wear gloves (included) when installation.

Pliers are not included in this package.

Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and the 1-3 cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before ordering.

Manufacturer Part Number:JZ27XN5TWDZJ8
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